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This album is the culmination of the last 2 years of my life. If you're unfamiliar with how I release content, I am of the belief that todays technology allows artists to continually strive for perfection. All of my songs are living, growing, entities that I constantly change and remix so some songs may re-surface on my EP's and mixtapes with new mixes or new verses or new mastering and such is the case with Dimethyltryptamine. There are some songs that I've re-equalized for DMT but there are plenty of NEVER before heard records on here that I'm VERY anxious to get feedback on so please don't hesitate to hit me up and let me know what you think once you've taken a listen!! I want to make it EXTREMELY clear that I only allow for money to be accepted in exchange for me time and energy so feel free to donate what you think I deserve but DO NOT feel obligated to do so!! Download the record and enjoy the music!! be sure to look in the top right corner and follow me on all of my other networks!


released June 12, 2012






all rights reserved


KO THE LEGEND California

KO THE LEGEND producer, writer, emcee and new media evangelist combines all of his interests into his music. Listen to any one of his four mixtapes and you can hear his influences blended together in a symphony of lyricism and synthesizers.

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Track Name: LA LA [Ode To L.A.] (produced by @kothelegend)

we out in
we puffin
we out in

West coast we the mutha fuckin best don't forget it
it don't matter where I go
California on my fitted


Verse 1

First off
Shot goes out to Snoop
cuz that's the shit I'm bumpin
when I'm wippin in the coupe
say shorty what it do
even though I'm out in Cali
I be on my 818 shit
cuz I be out in the valley
these haters never see me
like they never see my roof
and I'm feelin like I'm trey
cuz I think that I'm the truth
so much money in my palms
that I think I'm a Malouf
blowin on the silver goo
and sippin on that hundred proof
out in Hollywood
we got them Lindsay Lohans
we up on the late night
just like we watchin Conan
Niggas always grindin
like we dancin to a slow jam
stickin to the script
its only pimpin in the program
whoa man
yall be goin hard
we be going difficult
yo flow extra typical
my shit is prolific though
indica, sativa
I be puffin on them different smokes
women on my Willis
cuz they know I got them different strokes
so whatchu talkin bout


Verse 2

Sunshine and bad Betty's
out in Beverly Hills
they tryin to get a free meal
every time that we chill
me I'm tryin to squeeze a Mil.
out of every single deal
so I can wake up and feel
like a celebrity feels
I'm talkin
lunch at the 4 seasons on Doheny
out in Venice
chillin wit some vixens in bikinis
me and all my niggas
and we whippin Lamborghinis
and if we talkin chicks
then I got more tricks
then Houdini
boy you see me
I'm feelin fly
gimme camera time
you ain't said nothin
like a pantomime
I got white girls
down in Anaheim
and they got ass
they can make it Hammer Time
boy I'm lookin at the Lakers
courtside at the staples
Wednesday night at Sayer
poppin bottles at the tables
I do it myself and I ain't worried bout the lables
I know that I'm the truth
and all you niggas tellin fables
check me out

Track Name: Running 2 You (produced by @kothelegend)
She asked if I'm attracted to her
I told her
I might be
she said don't you think I'm sexy?
I know that you like me
I said Why can't we just do it? Just Do it
No Nike
It seems like you're hella coo
but a nigga ain't lookin for no wifey
and I think it's highly unlikely
that I can ever be tied down
and I ain't changin my lifestyle
off an emotion that I feel right now
and she said OH it's coo boo
cuz I've been gettin mine too boo
I Just look at you like you're Bono
cuz I'm tryin to do it with U2

Then she came to the crib
we got undress
we got it in
we made a mess
and when I fell asleep
then she got up and left
but I found a little note
with an e-mail address
and she said
if you ever want me, I'm easy to find
morning afternoon or night just hit me up at anytime
and you know, you know, you know you know
you know you know you know you know I'll come
running 2 you

Verse 2

Running 2 Me
I keep her running 2 me
she be blowing up my phone
telling me how she wanna do me
we can be out on a date
in the middle of a movie
and she'll take a bathroom break
so she can come and give it to me
I just take it
I don't neglect it
I catch a fever everytime I see her naked
cuz she loves my chocolate bar
I'm like her Willy Wonka
Lil mama got that crack
but I think it's a little stronger

It's incredible
our exchange of energy
you can feel the chemistry
whenever we get in the sheets
and plus I'm not her man
and she knows she's not my lady
she ain't lookin for no ring
no she ain't tryin to have my babies
she's my dirty little girl
she's my freaky lil secret
she's the best
and she's my favorit of the ladies that I frequent
right when she get outta that club
drunk and lookin for love
she be dialin my number cuz
she's always hittin me up



You know I'll come running 2 you 4X


Track Name: Beach Life Kings feat. KO THE LEGEND - Fine Day aka DMT (produced by @AfariNezey)
Screwed Intro

You know where this is going
All the way down
chillin wit a lil shorty say she's from the H-Town
but we boardwalk
cuz we stay in Venice
Mr. Nezey bring the bring the beat back
wait a minute

Verse 1

You know where this is headed
it's going all the way down
chillin with a bad lil shorty from the H-Town
but we by the boardwalk
cuz she stay in Venice
and she seen me gettin love with them racks
playing tennis
g-g-give that shit a minute
nigga you get it
she seen me gettin love with the racks
playing tennis
so she let me get up in it
you know that I'm a menace
cuz I get the party started
I don't stop until it's finished (is you wit it)


Like the earth quakes
and the wind blows
this is instinct
this is impulse
for the last 10 years shit has been slow
so I can here to switch up the tempo



Short Days
Hollywood late nights
gettin high in the club
I call it a late flight
sex in the bathroom
I know that it ain't right
but she's doin it so good
it's a feelin I can't fight (now)
my flow so dope you can't tell me I ain't a chemist
with every sentence I'm spittin I paint a image (If)
I'm gettin money my niggas get they percentage
cuz I'm really in the game and you niggas playing a scrimmage


Track Name: The Totally Wow - Lets Go (produced by @baltgetty)
Verse 1

I've been looking for someone
cuz I owe him the credit
he's been my motivation and I won't let him forget it
that's why I'm on a mission
that's why I'm goin hard
and as for my competition I have the deepest regards
but you can blame it on him
he said I wouldn't make it
he used to laugh at a nigga when I was broken and naked
but bitch I'm back at the top
I'm totall wow
and everybody that matters notice the flow and style

I work I'm puttin that time in
tourin cross the whole world
bitch I'll show you all about grindin
ain't concerned with that spotlight
and I ain't worried bout shinin'
shit I'm tryin to set it on fire
all I'm worried about is my climate
shows across the pacific
fans across the atlantic
I got this hater upset
man I know he can't stand it
but to me he's a ghost
that's just how it goes
cuz now you're just somebody that I used to know

Hook 3X

somebody that I used to know
just somebody that I used to know

Verse 2

I travel all over the planet
tryin to make an impression
people they don't understand it
I have to make a confession
If it wasn't for my haters
I wouldn't be motivated
so I have to give a shot out
to every single person that hated
nigga I made it
nigga I'm on top
I'm bout to blow up
just like a bomb drop
I'm puttin work in
I do it non-stop
you try to stop me?
that's like a long shot (a long shot)

you don't really wanna take it there
you need a mile head start just to make it fair
try to do it the way I do it but you can't compare
runnin' circles around niggas cuz I ain't a square
and I meant it when I said it tho
I ain't trippin man I let it go (cuz)
Now you're just somebody that I used to know

Track Name: This 1s 4U
I go extra hard
extra extra hard
I be so high I feel like I'm right next to God
I'm like a hexagon
on point times six
good kush
you ain't never had a joint like this
take a look
better yet take a hit
real shit
I think I got another classic
nobody greater, makin haters blow a gasket
I'm fresh to def and dressed for my casket
I get it crackin like a bass head
I'm on my gucci
I'm gettin wasted
two bitched in the bed
but naked
rockstar lifestyle
might not make it
but I hope that I do though
cuz I'm drunk and I'm whippin in a two door
and in the front seat
two new hoes
and everything I do I'm doin it for you so


Roll that
light that
hit that sit back
like oh oh oh oh oh
this ones for you

pass that
like oh oh oh oh oh
this ones for you

Verse 2

Party time
nothin but the good kush on my mind
they tell me that a good girls hard to find (so)
I just settle for a concubine (I'm)
KO THE LEGEND the veteran
name another rapper that I ain't better than
blowin on trees I just call it medicine
VIP so I bet they gon' let us in
whether its Eden or the Supper Club
or the Soho House they gon show us love
they know wussup
soon as they know its us
velvet ropes come up and we poppin bub
but I ain't fuckin with the champagne
it's ****** when I wanna do the damn thang
so we go do what we wanna do
and know that when I light it up this one is for YOU



I think I found where I wanna be
in the bed with a bad bitch in front of me
and she's DTF
said she's DTF

I think I found where I wanna be
I the bed with a bad chick up under me
cuz she was DTF
said she was DTF

Verse 3

I'm goin in like a playtex
I got my shields up
I'm talkin safe sex
speachless she don't know what she's gon say next
so I go harder and I take her the apex
she climax then I'm outro
look at my watch its about four
AM still doin what I wanna do
light another on
this one is for you

Track Name: L.O.V.E. ME (produced by @kothelegend)
Verse 1

I got my hood up
hat low
shades over my eyes
when I'm up in the club
girls be losin their minds
but I don't
chase em
that's a waste of my time
cuz I'm thinkin is money
I got
money all on my mind
I said
shot goes out to my contacts
shot goes out to my soldiers
I got the city on my back
and I got the world on my shoulders
naked bitches sending me pitcures
that indecent exposure
but I ain't trippin I'm sippin purp
and puffin all on my doja
I'm just
puffin all on my doja
puffin all on my doja
stickin to the G Code bruh
and I'm makin hits like I'm sosa
fuck these fake ass bitches
that be disrespecting my culture
nigga wanna sleep on me
then I just wake em up with no Foldgers


I'm lookin real good
so you know I feel great
got that paper in my pocket
so you know I'm real straight
I'm spending money like $$
bitch I think I'm Bill Gates
and it don't matter what you sayin
even though you still hate
I know you love me

Verse 2

If I'm in the building
it's automatic (that)
I'm turinin heads
I'm causin traffic
my swag is so hardcore
its pornographic
if your shorty on it
then Imma let her have it

Got these bitches all on my jock cuz
I'm rockin Allesandro Dell'Acua
and if it don't say Diva all on the bottle
then I just can't rock with that vodka
my nigga check the way that I live
I got lobster all in my pasta
it's other niggas ho's at my crib
and I tell em me casa su casa
but I'm hardly at home bro
I'm on the road doin promo
smokin purp
sippin purp
it got a nigga movin in slow mo
rap is like my 4-5
and I keep that shit out the holster
then I turn these rappers to ghost bruh
cuz I'm paper chasin like Oprah

Paper chasin like Oprah
paper chasin like Oprah
when it comes to these hoes bruh
you ask do I love em?
No sir
fuck these fake ass bitches
that be disrespecting my culture
niggas wanna sleep on me
then I just wake em up with no Foldgers



California livin
I do it for the west
even though you won't admit it
you know that I'm the best
if you gotta problem
say it with your chest
and even though I hear you hatin
homey you gotta confess
I know ya love me

I know ya love me...
Track Name: H.A.T.E. ME (produced by @kothelegend)

Doin what the fuck I want
Hate me all the fuck you want
real niggas fuck wit me
and I don't give a fuck who don't


Hate me all the fuck you want
hate me all the fuck you want
real niggas fuck wit me
and I don't give a fuck who don't


Verse 1

Niggas hatin but I ain't trippin
check my creez my nigga I'm drippin
take yo bitch my nigga I'm pimpin
check yo tweets I'm up in yo mentions
fuck yo house I'm up in yo kitchen
if it ain't diva then I ain't sippin
you ain't like me my nigga I'm different
(shit) I'm from another dimension
and it seems like
all these niggas wanna hate me
cuz I'm shinin in HD
and yo lady gave me that H3
that hummer nigga
better come and get her
she callin but I don't want her nigga
you go dumb I go dumber nigga
my crew shinin all summer nigga
we run shit
you walk slow
we gettin cheese no nachos
my life's like a movie and nigga yo life's like a talk show
yo girl came to my hotel
she met me on the top floor
and right after she got there
she started givin me top slow
she made it nasty wet and sloppy
I called her mami
she called me papi
d-d-do you copy
she said her homegirls
they tried to block me
but I don't never let that shit stop me
she said I'm comin
whenever you callin
because that's how open
that you have got me
so I'm..


Verse 2

Bitch I live that high life
outfit costs a high price
and I'm always smokin
like a human piece of dried ice
heavy out in Asia
like them noodles and that fried rice
damn my Crew is 2 Live
we might have to die twice
ladies tell me I'm super creez
fuck these hoes by the twos and threes
if she say that she got a man
I'm like what cho man gotta do wit me
thats too true
thats so real
all day I'm stayin trill
niggas hate me like payin bills
cuz I'm Krispy nigga
no Play N Skillz
I'm plugged in
smokin until my head hurtin
I'm startin 5 and you red shirtin
you fuck wit me you a dead person
If you a player
then I'm the referee
took you out the game
you just got a T
name another cat you know that
rap as hot as me
I just took brains from your bitch
thats a lobotomy
playin with this money
like monopoly
ain't no stoppin me
that's why I got yo chick on top of me

Track Name: Turn It Down (produced by @afarinezey & @kothelegend)
Verse 1

Grab a shovel start diggin it
when I rap I like to sound ignorant
and I know you think that's yo girl
but she's mine homey I hittin it
on yo side of town with my business
and I swear to God as my witness
I'm gettin big chips and I'm spending it
cuz I'm ridin round and I'm Gettin it
I got that
Intergalatic planetary
dirty flow
Strictly Business
Halle Berry
got you Jonesin
no January
I'm so dope so dope
hit ya girl wit that slow stroke
how that face look
and that waist look
its no Facebook
but I'm gon poke
my flow is like Richard Pryor after that wheel chair
that's no joke
my 16's is so clean
I need to get me my own soap
if they shakin ass
and they shake it fast
then I'm throwin cash
till I'm goin broke
I got 3 bitches
like Denise Richards
they Wild Things
no Tone Loc


Verse 2

Got yo bitch now you askin have you seen her
Is that ho named Trina
puffin that Greena
Got yo girlfriend wetter than Aquafina
and then I rub it all in yo face like Neutragena
cuz I just stepped off tour
thats how I do with no label
I see yall niggas ain't eatin
I got plenty food on my table
yo bitch is all on my channel
she watchin me like I'm cable
and if you wanna roll then we can go
cuz you know I'm ready I'm willing and able

You say you the shit
but I say I don't smell ya
boy i'm sorry I'm sorry
but I don't know what to tell ya
stunt so hard these niggas wanna find me
but I'm out in Australia
sippin on my Foster's Brew
and puffin on Paraphernalia
yeah I'm blowin I'm blowin
I'm goin going gone
damn my head is spinnin
I'm like what is going on
I said I'm blowin, I'm blowin
I'm going going in
wake up late tomorrow
and I do it all again like

Track Name: Can't Let You Go feat. Marty JayR (produced by @kothelegend)
Verse 1

Lovin you was involuntary
like breathin Oxy-gen
you were more than a hole in a belt
that I put my not-ches in
I'm walkin around with my eyes wide shut
cuz I wasn't conscious then
I wanted to run free with our love
and you tried to box us in
that didn't last I got claustrophobic
we didn't work out we were not aerobic
chapters over I had to close it
it wasn't my fault girl I can't control it
so I guess
I'm letting you know
I love you but I gotta let you go
sending you my love with an X and a O
you were the one that I would give up everything for
in a different life


Every time I think I don't need ya
then I turn around and I see ya
and it's like I catch a little amnesia
girl I just can't let ya go
I can't let you go

Like I really don't remember it's over
I know that we already had closure
but everytime I get a little un-sober
I think I just can't let you go
I can't let you go


You were mine
now you're his
I hate it, but that's just how it is
because we disagree when it comes to kids
and you don't hate me you just hate the biz
so I guess
I'm letting you know
I love you but I gotta let you go
sending you my love XXX and a O
you were that one that I would give up everything for
in a different circumstance
girl I woulda been your perfect man
I woulda put the ring on your perfect hand
but you couldn't wait and that hurt your chan-ces
and now I got this success
brand new crib and a new address
girl just think that you could had this
just think you coulda had this
but you missed out



No good love
good luck
I've been a fish outta water since we hooked up
can't believe
that I really could be
with somebody that so easy to leave
but its all braille
how I feel
and I don't see you cuz its all real
stuntin like I don't feel nothin
don't even be on me
callin my phone
tellin me all that you've done
I'm totally gone
I'm letting you go

there's no lovin
no no no lovin you now
no lovin
regret the day when you went away
no lovin
no no no lovin you now
no lovin you had your chance now all I can sayyy